Stevia Leaf Dry


Nature’s answer to high calorie Sugar and Sweetners. Stevia is natures way of sweetening things up, try it and bid adieu to sugar and artifical sweetners

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Uses / Method of Preparation

Use Stevia in any beverage,sweets or cuisine which calls for sugar, jaggery or any other sweetner. We highly recommend using it while making black or green tea, coffee, and sweets. If you find a new use, please let us know and we shall put it up here.

Health Benefits

Stevia leaf can be directly used as an alternate to sugar as a sweetner, without the concern of increasing blood sugar levels. It contains compounds that impart a sweet taste to food, but does not contain calories.

Place of Cultivation

Organically grown on the mountain slopes of Assam

Farming and Processing practices

Our Organic Stevia has been farmed naturally in Assam using natural farming practices. The rich soil and eco-system does not require any chemical additives whatsoever. Processed on the same farm where it was cultivated