Whistling Fields is the creation of a middle class boy from Bengaluru. Like the Hobbits from The Lord Of The Rings, he shares a deep love for everything that grows from the earth. With a heart yearning for nature, preserving traditional culture, a love for natural farming and travel, he set out for an adventure, just like Bilbo did.

Whistling Fields - Founder

Artisanal & Curated

Our Unique range of products are hand processed, diverse, specially curated and formulated just for you.


Regionally Sourced & Processed

Sourced from select farmers across India, our products are naturally farmed and regionally specific.


Hand Packed

Each pack is attended to personally and packed individually by hand. This is part of our Women's employment program.

About Us

Our Company

Whistling Fields is a brand from a Bengaluru based, Organic Lifestyle and Sustainability company called Total Organiacs (Website).

Started in 2016, Total Organiacs aims to promote Health, Wellness and Sustainability to the Urban dweller.

Our solutions and products are directed towards making an impact in the ever populous Urban Lifestyle and promote eco-friendly and sustainable practises.

Mission & Vision

Back to basics, thats our Motto. We aim to make food simple, safe,organic, chemical free, tasty, easy to cook and nutritious.

Revive Indian Traditional foods, which are artisanal, regionally curated and minimally processed. This is our bid to keep our local food culture and diversity intact.

The Organic/Natural Farming is the need of the hour to produce safe chemical free food. By procuring from from organic farmers we are trying to contribute to this movement.

Traditionally operated Food Processing centres in Villages and smaller towns, are primarily operated by women. We are trying to contribute to these micro economies  and aid in Women’s employment.

Our Approach

Our produce comes from our own network of Organic/natural farmers and suppliers across India. Most of our products are regionally sourced speciality products, from distinct parts of India.

Its been our sincere effort to discover more Artisanal, handmade and forgotten foods in different parts of India and bring it to you.

We are also formulating and curating our own products. As of now we have come up with millet based products which are easy to cook, tasty, healthy and local. India has such an amazing food diversity and we are about bringing it to the forefront and to put it out there.


The Story of Whistling Fields

Whistling Fields is the story of small idyllic village in Southern India. This small farming community has been following the age-old traditional practices of living. People here, have learnt to work with nature, and have accepted sustainability as part of life.

This story revolves around a simple, humble and a wise farmer called Organic Anna and his loving family. Organic Anna lives with his wife Organic Sristhti, and his parents Organic Appa and Organic Amma. This loving family has been a vital part of this village and its rich farming heritage.


Organic Anna

A 3rd generation farmer who comes from a traditional farming family. As a child Anna was often seen in the fields and plantations observing how intertwined nature and agriculture were. He was greatly inspired by his grandfather and later his father who were natural farmers. He spent most of his time after school helping them in the fields.

Through his keen observation and understanding Anna understood that Natural Farming was not only beneficial to the farmer, but it also ensured harmony with nature. Pursuing his love for things that grow, he completed his Bachelors in Agricultural Sciences. Equipped with a sound scientific sense, Anna now had a better understanding of the traditional methods of farming. He now understood that natural farming and its principles of zero inputs.

Today he is one of the most popular advocates of Organic Farming and Sustainability in his district. He spends a lot of time advising and teaching his fellow farmers the importance, roles, and benefits of Organic Farming. He has also been given an award by his District Collector for his financially viable and eco-sensitive farming methods. For this dedication, commitment and passion he is popularly knows an Organic Anna.


Organic Srishti

Born in a family of farmers, Srishti was always fascinated by different fruits, vegetables, cereals and spices that came from the farm. She spent a lot of time with her family during the harvest seasons gathering and processing the produce. Srishti’s mother and grandmother were gifted cooks and were quite popular in their village. The two were always put in the charge of the food prepared for the village feast, held during harvest festivals Ugadi, Pongal, and Sankranti. The traditional South Indian Celebration meal, served on a plantain leaf was one of their most appreciated items during the celebration. The villagers wouldn’t stop singing their praises about the meal.

Srishti was always around her mother and grandmother, in the kitchen. She enjoyed being a part of intricate indoctrination, of culinary traditions from one generation to the other. She loved the different methods and ways in which the ladies prepared papads/appalams, spicy & tangy pickles, Chakkli, Muruku’s, Chikki and various other healthy snacks. She loved how these simple yet processed foods were made.

After getting married to Anna, she was now the powerhouse of the family kitchen. Keeping the traditional recipes intact, Srishti keeps innovating with ingredients to make food easy to cook, tasty and nutritious. The other ladies from the village are often found in her backyard learning how to innovate with traditional ingredients to learn new dishes. Blessed with a green hand she also maintains a beautiful vegetable and herb garden in her backyard. She is also a vocal advocate of using sustainable cooking fuels and solar cookers.

Now you know why she’s known as Organic Srishti!


Organic Appa

Appa is a simple farmer, who has been carrying out the age-old practice of natural farming like his forefathers. He grew up with a simple high school education and later took up farming. A respected gentleman in his village, Appa is known for his wisdom and advice.

Appa has been a strong advocate against the perils of modern chemical based farming. Masanobu Fukuoka (the legendary natural farmer from Japan) was one of his inspirations. His philosophy on natural farming deeply impacted Anna. During the 90’s when Green Revolution was introduced in India, Anna presented a strong resistance against the idea. He was one among the few farmers who did not fall prey to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. His ways of natural farming works to this day and he is a testament to “zero input concept” of natural farming.

These days Appa is an elected member of the Gram Panchayat. He helps overlook the various activities in the village especially the primary school. Appa is also famous for his Filter Coffee. You can find him spending his evening in his backyard with family & friends.

Great Coffee, Farm Stories and friends, and that’s Organic Appa!


Organic Amma

Remember the herbs in Srishti’s backyard, well that’s where Amma comes in.

Lovingly known as “Vaidya Amma”, the medicine lady of the village. Amma comes from a family lineage of traditional village physician’s also known as “Vaidya” or “Hakim”. The age-old wisdom in Ayurveda and Unani medicine has been part of the Indian culture for many years now. Amma and her family have been part of this rich tradition for a few generations now.

As a child Amma helped her parents pick medicinal plants and herbs from the forest and their herbal garden. Her father trained her well to scan the forest floor and foliage to spot medicinal plants. She was also taught to process these plants and stored them in jars to be used later. These processed herbs later found their way in different medicinal powders, oils and pastes for application. To this day you can find Amma talking walks in her the forest nearby for medicinal plants.

Carrying on her family’s heritage Amma now attends to her fellow village folks to cure whatever ailments she can with her wisdom. If the problems were beyond the power of Ayurveda or Unani medicine she always advised people to visit the Village Health Care center. The doctors in the village are in awe of Amma , and her expertise in curing simple ailments with home remedies.

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