Stevia – The Natural Sweetener

Stevia leaves come from a plant known as Stevia rebaudiana. The leaves are known to be sweet and contain 150 times the sweetness of Sugar. With almost negligible calorie content stevia is a perfect low calorie sweetener.

Stevia is available a dry leaves, stevia powder made from dry leaves, and also sugar extracted from Stevia.

We currently have Stevia leaf and Stevia Powder. Our Herbal Diabetic tea is made from Assam Green Tea, Dry Costus Leaves, and Dry Stevia Leaf.


Health Benefits:

Stevia is a low calories natural sweetner its ideal for Diabetics and calorie conscious people. Since it has natural origins it is considered safer in comparision to other artificial sugar substitutes like Aspartame, Xylitol etc.


Stevia leaves can be used a whole with green tea or can be crushed and used as powder instead of sugar.