Cinnamon Bark


Aromatic, spicy whole Cinnamon Bark strips from Assam.

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Uses/Method of Preparation

Cinnamon is a well known spice in kitchen’s across the world. In the Indian kitchen it finds its way in all kinds of cooking. Be it Curries, Stews, Rice Preparations like Biriyani’s and Pulav, or different sweet dishes. Cinammon lends its aromatic and spicy flavor tantalzing the taste buds.

Health Benefits

Cinnamon is known for its anti-bacterial/anti-microbial, anti cancerous, and anti-oxidant properties.

Place of Cultivation

Organically cultivated in the foothills Assam

Farming and Processing practices

Organically grown in Assam using natural farming practises. Farm processed and sun dried to ensure a great taste and flavor profile.