Organic Coorg Black Tea


Coorg, Karnataka in the Southern part of India has always been known for its Coffee. Breaking the usual notion we bring you, Whole Leaf,Farm cured tea from Coorg.

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Uses / Method of Preparation 

Tea is one of the world’s most traded commodity, ever since it discovery in 2737 BC. Ever since its been used as beverage or an additive to other beverages like, flavoring agent in various other foods like cakes, biscuits, soups and in various other preparations. We sugget the following way to prepare our Organic Assam Black Tea. 1. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil. 2. Add it to ceramic/clay cup or container preferably. Black tea brews best in clay pots and cups.3. For every 100ml of hot water add about 5gms/half teaspoon of our tea leaves, cover and brew for 3-5 mins.3. Add milk and some of our Organic Jaggery to taste.
Health Benefits

A cup of organic black tea a day lowers the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol & kidney stones

Place of Cultivation

Organically Grown in the rainforest area of Coorg.

Farming and Processing practices

Cultivated using biodynamic and organic farming practices.With zero chemical farming and absolutely no carbon foot print on the estate. This tea is hand picked, hand sorted, and cured on the farm.