Black Pepper


Humble yet the quintessential spice of the kitchen, Black Pepper. It is one of the most widely traded commodities on the planet. Hand picked and farm processed to retain its natural goodness

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Uses / Method of Preparation

This gentle variant of pepper is most ideal as a seasoning. Fresh cracked Organic Coorg Pepper has a great after taste, hence goes great on any cuisine.

Health Benefits

Organic Black pepper is an antioxidant which helps  prevent or repair the damage caused by the free radicals and thus help to prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases and liver problems.

Place of Cultivation

Organically grown on the misty slopes of Coorg in the heart of the Western Ghats. Cultivated amidst coffee plantations from where we also source our Organic Arabic Coffee

Farming and Processing practices

This wholesome spice was cultivated using the principles of Biodynamic Farming in a sustainable ecology. Grown on one of the earliest Organic farms of Coorg with a wonderful blend of native farming practices and western concepts.