Bamboo Rice


Also known as Bamboo Blossom, this tribal secret is now out. A rare, exotic and tasty grain made available to you.

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Uses / Method of Preparation

Bamboo rice is rather a hidden delicacy which is now been recognised. It is prepared just like regular rice, but takes a little longer to cook. Can be prepared over a flames, pressure cooker or an electric rice cooker.
There are several special preparations with veggies and meat. Look it up people, get creative. Make sure you try it out.

Health Benefits

Bamboo rice is a rich source of protein & calcium that aids in improving bone strength, and helps in improving respiration & decongestion of respiratory system.

Place of Cultivation

Grown in Kerala by native farmers

Farming and Processing practices

Our Bamboo rice also known as Bamboo blossom is harvested from naturally grown Bamboo Trees. The Bamboo Tree has a lifespan of about 45-55 years. Being the tallest grass, the Bamboo Tree blooms one last time before it dies. As a result of which it produces this grains once in about 50 years. Extremely rare and delicious. Got you thinking now did it?