Coffee Blend


Our custom blend of Arabica and Robusta Coffee. The perfect balance between the robust and bold flavours, with a hint of sweetness.Hand picked, hand roasted and farm processed.


Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverage across the world. Coffee is however used to flavour various other beverage, chocolates, cakes, baked items, biscuits,soups and gravies even. We suggest the following ways of preparation:

Uses/Methods of preparation

Coffee Filter Preparation the most widely used method to prepare coffee in South India.
1. Add 1 teaspoon of Coffee Powder to every 100ml of hot water inside the top compartment/reservoir of the coffee filter. 2. Let the Coffee brew brew for 8-10 mins. The brewed decoction drips into the lower compartment/reservoir. 3. Add 20ml of brewed decoction to 100ml of hot milk, add sugar to taste.

Brewing in a cup
2. a. Add 10gms of Filter Coffee Powder in a cup with hot water. b. Let it brew for 6-8 mins c.Filter the decoction and add sugar and milk to taste, or enjoy it as black coffee.

Health Benefits

A cup of organic blend coffee excites the central nervous system and all portions of the cerebral cortex and allows for rapid and clearer flow of thoughts, and reduce drowsiness and fatigue.

Place of Cultivation

Cultivated in the rainforest area of Coorg, by a German farmer, who has stayed back in India for the love of the land and the farm life.

Farming and Processing practices

Cultivated using biodynamic and organic farming practices.With zero chemical farming and absolutely no carbon foot print on the estate, all of the coffee is hand picked, hand sorted, and roasted on the farm.