White Pepper


We bring you this speciality spice from Coorg. Hand picked pepper corns painstakinly processed into White Pepper to bring out the sharp and strong flavour. Completely Hand Made!!

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This is one of out most cherished products. Fresh peppercorns hand processed into White Pepper.

Uses / Method of Preparation

With a strong and sharp flavor profile, Organic White Pepper adds a new dimension to any cuisine. It is widely used in South East Asian cooking as well as European Kitchens. Give it a try.

Health Benefits

Organic White pepper contains minerals, such as manganese, copper, and magnesium, which are essential for bone development and strength.

Place of Cultivation

Organically grown on the misty slopes of Coorg in the heart of the Western Ghats. Cultivated with great care on the rain fed slopes in the birth place of the River Cauvery.

Farming and Processing practices

Organically grown with no chemcial pesticides and fertilizers. The native farming practises ensure a symbiotic balance between the farmers and nature, hence promoting a rich eco-system.