Turmeric Powder


We bring you this traditional Indian spice with its roots grounded in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.With a very high level of Curcumin our spice powder is sure to bring life to your cooking.

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Uses / Method of Preparation

Native to the Indian Sub-Continent and South East Asia.Turmeric spice is one of the most top essential spices in any Indian kitchen. The application of Turmeric goes beyond cooking and food. Turmeric has been mentioned in the age old wisdom of  Ayurveda highlighting its great medicinal values from healing cuts and wounds, to boosting the immunity of human body. Commonly used in the kitchen in the preparation of various Indian dishes imparting its golden yellow hue. Turmetic is an essential part of all spice blends  and curry powders across the asian region. Eg: Sambhar powder, Rasam Powder, Meat masalas, Curry powders etc.

Health Benefits

Organic turmeric is a powerful anti inflammatory agent and can help in improving the immunity of the body. It is also known to improve brain functions and can prevent the onset of Alzhimer’s disease.

Place of Cultivation

Our Turmeric was cultivated on a biodynamic farm in the rich and historic district of Mysore. Hand picked, dried and farm processed on a single farm.

Farming and Processing practices

Our Turmeric root was grown and processed on the same farm. The agricultural practices involve principles of Natural Farming, Organic Farming and Bio-Dynamic farming. Turmeric root after being harvested is cleaned, sorted and cooked in boiling water. The Turmeric root is then dried and ground to a fine powder.