Naga Chilli Dry


Naga Chilli or Ghost Pepper is known to be one of the most hottest Chilli’s in the world. These little babies are insanely hot and delicious. These chillies were originally found growing wild just like the Bird’s Eye Chillies

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Uses / Method of Preparation

Naga Chillies are widely used in the north-east as a regular part of their cooking. Try one of our chilli’s in your cooking and bring the heat on. WARNING: Please handle this chilly carefully and wash your hands after touching these little monsters.

Health Benefits

Naga Chillies can help in regulating blood insulin levels and releiving congestions in the respiratory tract.

Place of Cultivation

Organically Grown Naga Chillies from the mountain kingdom of Nagaland

Farming and Processing practices

Our Naga Chilli’s are grown natively in the North Eastern state of Nagaland. Farmed using traditional natural practices alone, these chillies are fresh and pack a huge amount of heat and flavor profile.